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Worried About Shipping Large Equipment & Delicate Machinery?

Microlithography System, Laser Control System
Here's your problem:
You need to ensure the safety of your product from the time it leaves your plant to the time it arrives at your customer's facility.

Your equipment:
  • is not a standard size.
  • is sensitive to shock and temperature.
  • has a delicate mechanism housed in its own enviromentally controlled booth.
  • is shipping to a remote location where traditional material handling equipment isn't available.
Here's your solution:  CDC Packaging
CDC has the proven experience and packaging expertise to do the job right.
Our motto is "Full Packaging Service." You could say "One call gets it all."

At CDC Packaging in Salisbury, Massachusetts, we will:
  • Design your equipment's packaging.
  • Certify your packaging.
  • Manufacture your packaging.
  • Ship your packaging to you.
  • Pack your equipment for you.
  • Arrange rigging.
  • Contract a freight forwarder.
  • Assist in documentation.
  • Load your equipment onto the truck.
  • Arrange all trucking.
No matter what's required to package your product, at CDC we'll put it all together for you.
Export Packaging Crate
At CDC Packaging, we pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service, quality and consistent on time deliveries. Call us today at 1-978-463-9373!
"When you're packaging a $5 Million machine, you'd better be good at what you do."
     Bob Cook, President, CDC Packaging Corporation
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