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Shipping Crates

Protection. Pure and simple. That's what CDC Packaging promises and delivers to our customers with every wood packaging crate that we build.

  1. Our materials are superior. We refuse to compromise quality. We only use first quality crating material.

  2. Our methodologies are superior. See for yourself how our nailing bed increases the holding strength of our export packaging crates and wood skids. And then take a tour of how we assemble our crates.

  3. We know specs. Military Specifications, Heat Treatment Standards, Bug-Free Requirements for exports to International countries. You name the spec; we know how to deal with it.

  4. We have the practical knowledge that comes from years of experience in the field, building crates, assembling and disassembling equipment, shipping those products around the world and getting them safely to their destination.
We invite you to take a tour below of the various types of shipping crates that we've built and see for yourself the type of protection we can offer to your valuable equipment.

Get the protection your shipments need with export crating from CDC Packaging.

Custom Wood Packing Crate Made To Military Specifications Wood Packaging Crate Meets Mil Specs
Military Specs: Mil-C-104 Shipping Crate

Here are two photos of a shipping crate we built to Military Standard Mil-C-104.
This crate was almost 18 feet long, which meant it required special construction. As you can see, we provided custom-built cradles lined with foam. This insured that the machined shaft shipped in this crate arrived intact.
spacer spacer spacer
Custom Wood Shipping Crate
Consolidation Crate

Consolidation crates can save you thousands of dollars in shipping costs, prevent damaged equipment, avoid lost shipments and eliminate down time for both you and your customer.

PROBLEM: Lost components. A local Telecommunications Company approached CDC Packaging looking for a solution to several recent shipping problems.
Their systems disassembled into small components that could be shipped in several boxes via UPS or FedEx. The problem was that the components were getting separated and sometimes lost in transit. The problem was further complicated by the fact that they had to send technicians to install this equipment. They found themselves in the unfortunate position of having a technician in China without everything needed to install the system. This resulted in lost time, increased expenses and, worst of all, an unhappy customer.

SOLUTION: CDC Packaging created a consolidation crate. Now there's only one box to pack, one shipment to track and one crate to locate.
Custom Export Packing Crate
Cushioned Crate

Many of our customers are shipping assemblies and components worth $100,000.00 or more. These same items are often very shock and vibration sensitive.

Our designers work closely with our customers to determine the best and safest way to package their equipment. You would think that given the value of such equipment we would over-design the packaging.
At CDC Packaging, we consider cost in every one of our packaging designs. To do this, we stock a variety of materials from steel to plastic, from foam to fiberboardıs, and, of course, wood. Our experience and varied inventory enables us to give our customers honest value while NEVER compromising the integrity of your product.

A few words about cushioning: We understand that safe shipment of your product is key to your business success. Many of the pieces we ship are highly shock and vibration sensitive. When designing a package for you, we will provide for you, upon request, scientific data supporting our design choices. We use data provided by foam manufacturers as well as other cushioning device manufacturers. Not only can we provide you with supporting data, we can arrange for certified International Safe Transit Association testing.
Wood Shipping Crate
Basic Crate

Sometimes simple is best! Shown here is a simple wood crate built per Federal Specification ASTM-D6251 AKA PPP-B-601. We build to many Military Packaging Specifications, such as ASTM-D6251 AKA PPP-B-601, Mil-C-104, ASTM-D6256 AKA Mil-B-26195 and PPP-B-621 to name a few.
33 Foot Long Export Packaging Crate
Large Export Crate

Oversize, over-weight or difficult to handle equipment is one of our specialties. We can manufacture Export Shipping Crates of any size to ship your product anywhere in the world. We have crated equipment in excess of 40 feet long, 12 feet wide, 12 feet high and weighing in excess of 50,000 lbs. In this case, this item shipped overseas via ocean freight. Notice the plastic cover over the top of the crate. We take the extra steps to make sure your product arrives clean, dry and in perfect condition.
Cushioned Packaging Crate
Special Applications

Have a special application or unique challenge? Our Designers pride themselves on their ability to solve them.

Shown here is a multi million dollar Micro-lithography device that is shock and vibration sensitive, moisture sensitive and temperature sensitive. We addressed shock by mounting isolation pads between the skid base and mounting platform. Sealing the machine in a foil moisture barrier with desiccant inside then controlled moisture.
PROBLEM: The only remaining challenge was temperature. Our customer made many attempts to solve this problem to no avail. While temperature control or climactic control was available, there were times when the machine saw temperature extremes. Through temperature and time recording, available from CDC Packaging, data was gathered showing when and where the temperature spikes occurred. It was determined that the machine was being left on Airport tarmacs or in unheated warehouses while awaiting transfer to a truck. Further research determined that the root problem was rapid temperature changes, not the actual temperature exposure.

SOLUTION: CDC Packaging solved this problem by wrapping the machine in moving blankets as well as insulating the inside of the crate. Following this change, subsequent time and temperature data proved that the insulation solved the problem by dramatically slowing the temperature changes.
Designer Wood Shipping Crate
Design Services

At CDC Packaging Corporation, we offer design services as well as manufacturing services. The crate pictured here was actually built in California to our design specifications. This customer knew that CDC Packaging, given our intimate knowledge of their equipment, could provide them with the proven technical expertise required to insure that their one of a kind, multi-million dollar system arrived in Japan safely.
Cushioned Packaging Box
Not Just Crates

Have a small assembly weighing less than a pound? No problem! At CDC Packaging, our motto is Full Packaging Service. If your equipment is 4 inches long or 40 feet long, 50,000 pounds or under a pound, we will provide you with the proper packaging tailored to your product.
Call CDC Packaging today and get the protection your shipments deserve!
"Complimentary phone calls happen often. Our shop foreman and his crew are exceptional in turning out a quality product and giving our customers exceptional service."
     Bob Cook, President, CDC Packaging
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