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International Standard for the Heat Treating of Solid Wood Packaging Materials (SWPM)

The following letter is an overview of information on Heat Treating standards that was available at the time it was written.

For further heat treatment information, click here and you will find links to the proper government agencies or give us a call at 978-463-9373.

International Heat Treating Update - July 2008

Dear Customer,

The International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) has developed an international standard for the heat-treating of Solid Wood Packaging Materials (SWPM).

Heat Treatment Standard ISPM #15
The standard is ISPM #15 and can be downloaded on the IPPC Web Site by clicking on filename=1055161557385_ISPM15_Final_A4.doc&refID=1625. This standard is being adopted by many countries. You can find details at

I would like to highlight some key facts regarding heat treating requirements as well as try to answer some common questions.

USA Is Enforcing ISPM 15
Details are available at

Phytosanitary Certification
Starting 1/1/2006, the USDA will no longer provide phytosanitary certification as the ISPM 15 IPPC stamp will be the only requirement.

IPPC Stamped or Certified Lumber
CDC Packaging has received several inquiries regarding the purchase of IPPC stamped or certified lumber. Please be aware that with the exception of dunnage (see explanation below), CDC Packaging cannot sell IPPC stamped lumber.

Where The IPPC Stamp Can Be Used
The IPPC stamp can only be used on completed wood packaging by a wood packaging manufacturer, such as CDC Packaging. In addition, manufacturing wood packaging using HT stamped wood alone does not meet the ISPM 15 requirement. The finished wood packaging must have an official IPPC stamp on opposing sides that's licensed to that wood packaging manufacturing facility.

Our IPPC Stamp Policy
In the case of CDC Packaging, any wood packaging manufactured by us will be stamped with the official IPPC logo, NELMA logo and the number 506. However, you may receive wood packaging from CDC Packaging that does not have the number 506 on the stamp. In some cases CDC Packaging may purchase wood packaging from other IPPC certified facilities.

Definition of Dunnage
We have received several inquiries regarding dunnage. Dunnage is defined as "wood packaging materials used to secure or support a commodity, but which does not remain associated with the commodity."

Dunnage Confusion
This definition has been the source of much confusion. To try to resolve the confusion, I spoke to Jeff Easterling, President of NELMA. The following is what we determined.

Dunnage Decision
CDC Packaging can provide its customers with IPPC Dunnage stamped lumber to be used outside of a commodity such as blocking and bracing in an ocean container. However, dunnage stamped lumber cannot be used to block and brace inside of a crate, on a pallet or skid. If you need additional lumber to be used inside of a crate or on a skid manufactured by CDC Packaging, we will provide you with this blocking as part of that crate or skid order. The lumber will not be IPPC stamped, but will be HT stamped. We apologize for any difficulties this may cause. It's our goal to make sure your product arrives to its final destination on time, safely and securely.

Find Import And Export Heat Treating Requirements
You can research both import and export heat treating requirements on the USDA web site at

I hope you find this information both informative and helpful. Please contact us 978-463-9373 or with any questions.

Bob Cook, President

"When CDC handles things, everything goes smooth."
     A satisfied CDC customer
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